Rethinking Business in Africa

Published on 28 March 2021 at 16:11
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Certainly quite an interesting report. Although slightly dated for our instantaneous times, really little, I suspect, has fundamentally changed. We still look towards countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa as the principal engines of growth on the continent and in all likelihood they to continue be in that role, but let us not overlook countries like Morocco where there is a very safe investment climate generally speaking and towards the United States, specifically. I would also include Egypt in the growth category as well as I see them as an emerging growth, a breakout nation if you will.

From the other side of fence, I continue to scratch my proverbial head and wonder just what would be the ideal mix of incentives to attract more U.S. investment. We know there's a risk-based reluctance that is prevalent along with a large amount of unknowns. Africa, the continent is viewed as a monolith as if one could buy a plane ticket to Africa, There are also the old ghosts of Africa forever lurking in the background, From a power politics point of view, China has already been quite busy and they will be hard to dislodge and a clear check-mate is not certain by any means.

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