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Lahore, Pakistan - I have known Richard for nearly 7 years while he was working as Director International at LaMotte and we were LaMotte Distributors in Pakistan. Richard is a highly professional individual and thoroughly skilled in handling international business efficiently and effectively. He understands global markets and their needs and skillfully handles them to the satisfaction of his clients. SMEs will definitely benefit from his knowledge and management skills for each region on the globe.

Panama City, Panama - In 7 years of relationship, Richard proved to be a professional with a broad understanding of the global market, and with well-defined and practical strategies to achieve continuous improvement of his entire international work team, and therefore, positive results in the short term.

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Richard was very important when we discussed becoming a distributor for an American brand in Brazil. He was not only interested in naming a distributor, he was interested in analyzing the Brazilian market and understanding our peculiarities. He is definitely the best person to analyze a market and help companies reach their full potential.

San José,  Costa Rica - Richard has been a great support for the growth of our company. Through all the years he has helped us to get to know each other and create alliances between Latin American representatives. I personally consider him a great motivator and visionary.

Beijing, China - I have had great experience in working with Richard and his team since 2013 as LaMotte distributor in China. Richard is a great leader, I enjoy working with him.

Mexico City, Mexico - Conozco a Richard Rogers desde el año 2013. Somos distribuidores de la Marca LaMotte en México donde Richard es el Director Internacional. Richard, es una persona altamente recomendable para el desarrollo de negocios y soporte a clientes internacionales. Es una persona que aprecio y que además cada vez que nos visita en México o lo visitamos en Maryland siempre nos apoya con su experiencia en el negocio y es una persona muy agradable.

US EPA HQ, Washington, DC - Richard provided contract support at US EPA and was successful in a number of initiatives including helping establish an U.S. EPA Memorandum of Agreement with the Risk and Insurance Management Society to collaborate on research and industry outreach; he managed contractor outreach for EPA on climate change to various government and trade groups including the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Solar Energy Industries Association, Department of Energy, World Energy Congress, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, State Farm Insurance Company, and other groups. He also directed the development of a series of meetings on climate change for the U.S. EPA Assistant Administrator with Chief Executive Officers of companies from various sectors. At International events, like the World Energy Congress, Richard used high-level fluency in French to communicate directly with delegates from French speaking African countries.