Our Services

 How Can We Help You?

Services include:

  • Value-Added Strategic Advisory (focus: import/export, organizational capacity building, strategic multi-channel marketing, strategic communications, market research-positioning-penetration) 
  • Building/Strengthening client in-country sales networks (focus: partner; agent; distributor)
  • HR Strategic Advisory (focus: management, stakeholder engagement & partnerships, executive coaching and talent sourcing, DEI in an international context, organizational change, enterprise learning) 
  • Government Relations (focus: Federal/State/Local, trade issues,  communications, climate change policy, regulatory barriers)


  • Build a “micro-macro” strategy custom-made according to your size, product, industry, supplier-to-buyer distributor chain and market positioning
  • Assess your overall market readiness, to and from the United States, and just as importantly, your capacity to export to/from emerging markets. Troubleshoot now, rather than later when it may be too late or costly. 
  • Provide value-added technical sales and first-hand marketing knowledge. 
  • Create greater value and efficiencies for your operations versus building in-house capabilities. 
  • Place you in our existing distributor network of buyers and sellers.
  • Because we know you and have your trust, we act as your personal representative in marketing your name and brand.
  • Act as your business broker - because we are positioned on both sides of the market.
  • Lessen your business travel burden by having you appoint us as your representative.