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How Do We, As an Advisory Firm, Get Involved? – Customer Examples From Across Our Five Core Areas of Expertise. What we hear from business leaders:

“In seeking access to the US market, our offer falls somewhere between less costly Chinese products, with few or no regulatory controls, and high-end products with high visibility and markup – is there a niche somewhere for us?”

“We’ve always had problems establishing a good distributor network.  We’re willing to pay a good commission.  Nowadays, we receive requests from the US or Canadian consulates with companies looking for a distributor.  The main problem is that the consulates don’t understand either the companies or their markets, so it’s impossible to find a match”

"In trying to increase our presence on the ground, we are having the hardest time finding sales reps that can help us in developing new leads and uncover business opportunities; lack of a foreign language (French and/or Spanish) makes it difficult." 

“Here at home, we sell a package treatment plant built in fiberglass or metal containers.  If we were to offer it to the USA, it would be necessary to understand the required standards to create the capacity, reach the quality level, analyze the current productive process and design the reengineering.  It implies a fair amount of market research in the US.”

“There is a lot of talk about opportunities in digital marketing here in Central America.  Like from a company in Spain that saw us on the web and asked us out of the blue whether we could be their distributor.  It’s not that easy.  I prefer a personalized email and the human touch from someone I know and trust”




“Particularly here in Latin America, due to “Peace Accords” and other government economic policies, companies with innovative products are emerging that want to have broader possibilities of commercialization and one of their main goals is internationalization.  You ask me if there is space for this activity?  The answer is YES!”

“I read somewhere that Morocco recently normalized its relations with Israel.  I’ve always liked Morocco for is relative openness, its pro-Americanism, and its stability.  Can I consider a serious business venture in Morocco without risking radical Islamic brush back, which I also read about?”

"Should I begin to think about incorporating sustainability issues in my international transactions and my longer term plans for business overseas?"


If any of these cases mirror some of your own concerns, or elicit others, or if you are considering how best to reconfigure your existing or prospective cross-border strategy, leveraging technologies, strengthening your multi-channel digital plans, or building-in resiliency in a post COVID-19 environment, we hope you will contact R. H. Rogers Global Consulting, LLC.  There’s a very good chance we’ll have a serious interest in assisting you and we have the experience and means to do so.

R. H. Rogers Global Consulting, LLC  is your pathfinder. We are committed to  providing superior global advisory services to clients worldwide in both the public and private sectors.  Above all, we focus on people, processes, partnership, and performance to deliver ultimate market results.