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R.H.ROGERS GLOBAL CONSULTING, LLC is an innovative small business consulting firm with a global reach and over 40 years of management experience in the U.S. and in multiple countries throughout the world. We provide innovative, out-of-the-box management solutions to both small and medium-sized business enterprises (SME) helping them not only to modernize or rethink their import/export strategies but also assess their internal management capacity to compete in the challenging emerging markets space. The firm brings an impressive and accumulated body of knowledge in international business with a history of global partner relationships in over 40 countries; global talent sourcing in Beijing, Moscow and Sao Paulo; Federal Government sector consulting on issues as global climate change, national stakeholder engagement strategies, risk communication, sustainability, renewable energy and barriers to small business technology funding; and lastly, and very much a foundational building block, senior executive service in a large, complex local government with a focus on organizational development, capacity building, leadership policy advisor, operations, and fiscal management.

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R.H.ROGERS GLOBAL CONSULTING, LLC starts with its founder and President. He brings over 40 years of management experience in the United States and abroad in Federal government environmental/climate consulting; corporate line management; local government policy, management, and organizational development. Mr. Rogers is trilingual (English-French-Spanish) and has lived in Europe and in Africa. Most recently, as Director of International Business for a U.S. chemical manufacturer, he worked to promote new or existing partnerships in forty two countries that spanned five continents. His applied expertise included market research, positioning- penetration strategies, strategic planning, product labeling, branding and country risk assessment. He forged new working relationships and developed core business streams in China, India, Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and across several countries in Central and South America including Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil..

Mr. Rogers currently serves on a Federal Advisory Board as Vice Chair of the Maryland Washington, DC District Export Council (DEC). He was appointed to the Advisory Board by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce in 2019. The District Export Council, Inc. are organizations of leaders from local business communities, appointed by successive U.S. Secretaries of Commerce,  because their knowledge of international business provides a source of advice for local firms. 



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